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We believe that recruitment can be done more carefully, sincerely and with more passion. We see these aspects as essential to connect our candidates and clients. Rather than putting dozens of CV’s on your desk, we prefer to deliver the three best candidates.

Our consultants are all specialists in their field, and most have worked on the client side prior to joining Saro. Their experiences have enabled them to create a large network within their field, as well as develop the skills and knowledge necessary to serve clients and candidates in the best manner.

In Luxembourg and the Netherlands, we offer recruitment services for permanent and temporary staffing in the Accounting, Finance & Banking, Sales & Marketing and Legal sectors.

Saro Recruitment. We think people.

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  • Networking is a common and accepted term in the business world today. We network to get a new job, find new clients and discover what is going on in the world. Networking enriches your connections, w

  • For many years there has been conversation that computers will take over the work of recruitment consultants (recruiters on the side of search agencies). Recruitment consultants would therefore become unnecessary. This would save companies a lot of money. And what company doesn’t look out for that? Below I will briefly explain why the robot will not be able to replace recruitment consultant in the field of recruitment and selection of qualified personnel with the appropriate soft skills.

  • What do you think is the most important device you will find in your working environment? Is it your computer? Your mobile phone? It might be. In Holland, the coffee machine may be even more important. Over 75% of Dutch employees drink coffee at work, and over 60% of Dutch employees say they cannot function properly without a good cup of coffee. Are you one of this 60%? And how important is coffee for you exactly?