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  • Leaving your job: why and when?

    Are you often thinking of changing job? Why are you thinking about it if you have a permanent contract? However, the fundamental issue to consider concerns the key moment to leave your job. What is the best time to leave your job?

  • Surprising matters that can slightly determine if you will get a job or not!

    When you have survived the first round of the application process, which mostly consist of the approval of your resume and cover letter, you will have a first interview at the company in questio

  • New LinkedIn interface – tips to pimp your profile page!

    You probably have discovered the new LinkedIn interface, which is available since a few weeks. Here are some tips you can use to improve your visibility because everybody wants to be found on LinkedIn, right?

  • The worst colleagues ever... True stories at work

    When I decided to write about the worst colleagues ever I was thinking about the fact that sometimes people finally find an interesting job in a growing company...

  • Why do you want this job? Best and worst answers

    "Why do you want this job?" is the key question in a job interview. It is no wonder that it is the first question that candidates should prepare.

  • “Vrijmibo – the perfect way to engage with your colleagues after work”

    The well-known Friday afternoon drinks – the drinks you have with your colleagues after a long working week – are recently gaining more popularity.

  • What it more important? Technical skills or right soft skills?

    As a recruiter, I have seen candidates with a degree in a field but working in a totally different sector, I have seen candidates saying, “I would like to get this job, but I know I do not have the right technical skills.”

  • When Your Resume Said You Speak 7 Languages

    We live in a globalized world. Companies are outsourcing to every corner of the world, building up new relationships, and creating new jobs.

  • Candidate Salaries; Breaking the Taboo

    Since I have started working as a Consultant within recruitment, I noticed that the majority of job rejections are salary related.

  • 4 Tips to Establish a Good Relationship with Recruiters

    People regularly question their private and professional life. The most important question to ask is: Where is the problem? If we reflect on our professional life, we can also think about different criteria regarding our dissatisfaction.

  • The Recruitment Olympics 2016

    On August 6th the first official matches began in Rio de Janeiro. Almost 11,000 athletes from 206 countries are participating in 28 sports during the Olympic Games 2016.

  • The 7 Reasons Why Your Best Employees Will Leave Their Jobs

    A lot of employees feel frustrated about their job. They want to quit and are desperately looking for a change. They are waiting for a new start in a new company, with a new position and a new manager that will offer them what they have dreamt about.

  • The most awkward interview questions

    After you managed to come through the CV selection of a company you’d like to work for it is time for the interview. You are getting overloaded with a bunch of questions that you can prepare for in advance as most questions are not that original.

  • Be more efficient and go outside, plus 9 reasons to improve your productivity

    Everybody has those days where between 15:00 and 17:00 the concentration fades and the motivation drops to a low level. This pattern is acutely strange, because studies show that around 15:00 we should have the most energy of the day.

  • Do’s and don’ts for your resume

    As recruitment consultants we get to see a lot of resumes. Unfortunately not all of them are as clear, organised and professional as we would hope. Since we would like you to find your dream job very soon, we are providing you with some useful tips to make it recruiter-ready!

  • How unlimited vacation benefits your company

    In the past few months, this topic has been on the news multiple times. There seems to be a trend for companies to announce an unlimited vacation policy for their employees. Every time a company announces this change, there seems to be a lot going on in the media. Unlimited vacation is a hot topic amongst companies that are taking a fresh look at their benefits.

  • Who would you hire?

    Recently I watched the TED Talk given by Regina Hartley, Director Human Resources at UPS in New York. I was very inspired by her ideas on which candidate you should hire when you have an open position within your company. She believes that hiring the 'scrapper', the fighter, will make your company grow and flourish.

  • The Power of Body Language

    Don’t we all wish to feel a little bit more relaxed from time to time? Especially in stressful situations, a secure feeling is very valuable. The secret of feeling powerful lies in body postures.

  • Five handshakes away from the president

    Networking is a common and accepted term in the business world today. We network to get a new job, find new clients and discover what is going on in the world. Networking enriches your connections, w

  • Robot or human work?

    For many years there has been conversation that computers will take over the work of recruitment consultants (recruiters on the side of search agencies). Recruitment consultants would therefore become unnecessary. This would save companies a lot of money. And what company doesn’t look out for that? Below I will briefly explain why the robot will not be able to replace recruitment consultant in the field of recruitment and selection of qualified personnel with the appropriate soft skills.

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